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Universal Testing Machine

Available in 600 KN, 1000 KN and 1200 KN (Servo or without Servo)

Front Open Crossheads :
This is extremely useful especially for heavy specimens and bigger capacity machines. In this type of machine the jaws and the inserts also can be easily removed by just pulling from the front. When the jaws and inserts are heavy, it is very difficult to remove them from the machine from upper or lower side. Hence this is an important feature from the point of view of easy operation.

Hydraulic grips :
Normally for standard Universal Testing Machines the jaw opening and specimen clamping is
effected manually. But this becomes more and more difficult for the operator for higher capacity machines. Also the specimen clamping becomes operator specific in this case. Hence it is a better choice to go for hydraulic operation of jaws (closing and opening). In this hydraulic griping method, separate double acting hydraulic cylinders operate the jaws and the cylinder operation is just by pressing a push button. So the operator has to operate only push buttons, which are conveniently located on the machine, to operate the jaws. A power pack with oil tank, pump, motor oil filler cum breather, oil level indicator, filter, relief valve is provided alongwith an electric motor to drive the hydraulic pump. (Other Specs are as per the Standard UTM) - visit www.gatha.com

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Advanced Universal Testing Machine

Advanced universal testing machines in the range 5kn to 1000kn , used in a variety of tests like tension compression flexure fatigue (low cycle fatigue / high cycle fatigue / fatigue crack propagation astm e647), fracture mechanics (k1c per astm e399, j1c, ctod per astm e-1290), damping properties and vibration testing. testing


Computerised Universal Testing Machine

We are a reputed Manufacturer & Exporter of Computerised Universal Testing Machine. The Computerised Universal Testing Machine is engineered to perfection by a team of highly skilled experts. Two of the most important features of the Computerised Universal Testing Machine are Front Open Crossheads and Hydraulic Grips. The


Advance Universal Testing Machine

Advance Universal Testing Machine is used for testing fatigue, creep, ctod, strength, durability, performance, and fracture toughness of metals, composites, plastics and concrete. 

Advance Universal Testing Machine in the range of 5kn to 1000kn, are used in a variety of tests like tension compression