Coating Thickness Gauge

Portable Coating Thickness Gauge device for operative non-destructive testing of coating thickness with high measurement accuracy.

Coating thickness gauge is designed to test:

ΓΆ€ΒΆ Thickness of various thick protective coatings on various metals and alloys;
ΓΆ€ΒΆ Thickness of paint and other dielectrics ΓΆ€“ radio absorbing, mastic, Teflon, plastic, electroplating coatings on steel;
ΓΆ€ΒΆ Thickness of electroplating and paint coatings on non-ferromagnetic alloys and non-ferrous metals;
ΓΆ€ΒΆ Thickness of bitumen and other thick coatings on various metals and alloys;
ΓΆ€ΒΆ As well as relative humidity, air temperature, surface temperature, dew point temperature and difference between surface and dew point temperatures, estimate the depth of grooves and the surface roughness
Standard set of Coating Thickness Gauge ΓΆ€“
ΓΆ€ΒΆ Thickness gauge electronic unit
ΓΆ€ΒΆ Probe ΓΆ€“ 1pc
ΓΆ€ΒΆ Set of reference thickness samples
ΓΆ€ΒΆ AAA batteries ΓΆ€“ 2pcs
ΓΆ€ΒΆ Charger
ΓΆ€ΒΆ Operating manual
ΓΆ€ΒΆ Case

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